Las Vegas Clinical Trials has extensive experience conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials with many leading pharmaceutical companies. The facility’s lead investigator, Dr.Paulraj has more than ten years of clinical research experience treating over 10,000 patients. As a Principle Investigator, Dr. Paulraj conducted over 50 clinical trials. Every member of our team offers a wealth of experience, a caring personality, and a commitment to serving the pharmaceutical industry, the community, and it's patients.


Our Team


Our success at Las Vegas Clinical Trials is contributed to a strong and experienced leadership team. Unlike an SMO, our site is part of a dedicated group of closely netted research sites with over 25 years of experience. Our leadership team combined with a strong experienced staff has allowed us to excel and out grow our competition while achieving our mission... provide high quality data while protecting and enhancing the safety and well-being of our patients.

Our team brings together a proven staff with training in GCP, ICH and FDA regulations. Behind this training is a genuine desire to cure disease, quell patient suffering and improve quality of life. Our experienced staff coupled with a strong leadership team helps secure our future in the industry while ensuring our patient receives the highest level of care and service.

We are truly dedicated to advancing medicine while changing people live's for the better!